best foam rollers 2023

Best Foam Rollers 2023 – Article for

If you’ve embraced the idea of foam rolling, then you need to get a foam roller. And although the effects of rolling are largely similar with different rollers, they come in many shapes and sizes. Here’s an article I contributed towards for where we look at the best foam rollers available in 2023.…


Post Marathon Blues

Here’s a link to an article I wrote for the website Coach ( in April, where I talk about post marathon blues, and share six strategies to overcome them. For help, advice or marathon focused training and treatments, please get in touch.

2023 L’Etape du Tour

2023 L’Etape du Tour Article

Here’s the link to an article I’ve recently had published on Cycling Plus ( where I report from the 2023 L’Etape du Tour, a ride that, for 30 years now, has been giving amateur riders the chance to ride a key stage of the Tour de France, on closed roads. Click here for the full…