Soft Tissue Therapy

A combination of massage, neuromuscular and muscle energy techniques, soft tissue release that targets your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia which may have become compromised for many reasons resulting in pain and dysfunction. Rehabilitation is also part of the therapy.

Gait Analysis

Provides runners with essential information about their running style. It is a particularly valuable tool for those runners, at whatever level, who suffer with repeat injuries. Gait is assessed, as well as functional strength, and drills and focused rehabilitation is given to help fine tune running technique and address any muscle imbalances.

Sports/Event Massage

Promotes healthy soft tissues for optimal performance pre and post event. Sports massage is widely recognised as an essential addition to any training programme. It enables the athlete to increase the quantity and quality of their training and can catch niggles before they develop into an injury.


1 hour Soft Tissue Therapy @ £50

45 mins Soft Tissue Therapy @ £40

30 mins Soft Tissue Therapy @ £30

Gait Analysis @ £50


Discounts available for NHS staff here

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