common foot complaints

Common Foot Complaints

This article looks at the common foot complaints and how to resolve them. If you need treatment for your foot pain issues do get in contact so that we can get you back on your feet 🙂 You can read the full article here (PDF – opens in a new tab).

How to Keep Fit Over 50

I’ve recently written an article for the Daily Telegraph supplement on How to Keep Fit Over 50. You can read the full article here (PDF – opens in a new tab).   For help or advice on fitness training and keeping fit, please get in touch.

New Challenges for 2022

New Challenges for 2022

Thinking of new challenges for 2022? Always had your eye on a bucket list event but not sure how to go about it? I had published in the Evening Standard a mini guide on how to go about achieving those challenges. Let me know if one of them catches your eye and you’d like more…

Kids and Exercise

Kids and Exercise

I was commissioned by Runner’s World to look at the subject of our children, exercise and the risks of over training. Of course, our youngsters should be encouraged and supported with their sports, but we should also be aware of their growing bodies in terms of skeleton and soft tissue, and their potential susceptibility to…


#worldosteoporosisday 2021

💪 It is estimated that we lose 5-8% of bone density per decade from our 30s which can lead to osteoporosis 💪 Resistance training can not only slow that, it can reverse the process 💪 Running and other aerobic exercise is brilliant as it is a positive load on our bones and has many other…

Covid-safe practices

12th April is ON! :)

Happy to be released from what I thought might be (very) early retirement back in the Winter! The online booking system is open from 12th April. Any teachers that can’t find a slot they need this week (Easter Holidays) please contact me and I will try and fit you in. Really looking forward to seeing…

Lockdown #3

Unfortunately in line with Government legislation, I am closing my doors once again for face to face treatments. However I am still here to help and support you through this time with telephone or online consultations. I can still give bespoke rehabilitation and advice. Please do get in touch if you have any concerns regarding…

Back in the Game

Happily I am allowed to treat again as normal from 2nd December 2020. Treatments will follow the Covid safety guidelines put in place July 13th as indicated by Government guidelines, the ISRM (my governing body) and my insurance. I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again 🙂

phone consultation

National Lockdown #2

Although I am unable to treat in the usual way for the duration of this lock down, I am allowed to help those who might otherwise use the NHS or are in pain that affects daily living. This would be in the form of a phone consultation to establish the nature of your injury/condition and…

treatments at The Porch Surgery in Corsham

Treatments at The Porch Surgery, Corsham

Pleased as punch to be resuming treatments at The Porch Surgery in Corsham every Friday from 28th August 2020, just like the old days 🙂 Treatments there will have the same stringent Covid-19 safety measures as at the King Alfred Clinic. Can’t wait to see established and new clients alike It will almost be like…