I have often been asked if I can do relaxing massages with a pampering, spa like feel. Sadly I don’t have a spa but I do have a wonderful, warm, calm space which can be a de-stressing zone.

Massage can bring amazing healing benefits including reducing stress and pain or discomfort. It increases your ability to relax and brings a feeling of well-being.  Restorative sleep often follows a treatment so if you’re suffering with broken nights, massage can help.

Massages are for 30 (£35) or 45 minutes (£50) and focus on the back, neck and shoulders – classic areas that commonly hold tension.

Gift vouchers are available if you would like to buy someone a thoughtful gift and support a small business 🙂

The treatments are for WOMEN ONLY.

Please do contact me for any questions.

Relaxing Massage in Chippenham

“I had a relaxing massage this week. It was amazing. So relaxing and I had the best nights sleep ever that night. Highly recommend this massage!”


Relaxing Massage in Chippenham

Relaxing Massage in Chippenham for Women Only