Ankle Injury

Ankle Rehab – The Wobble Cushion

I often recommend a wobble cushion for lower leg injuries and thought I would share a little more information as to why I love them. They have a number of functions including helping to improve ankle range of movement and control; strengthening of the soft tissues of the ankle joint; improving proprioception and balance.

3D Gait Analysis

3D Gait Analysis – The Benefits!

One of the primary goals for runners, regardless of ability, is trying to stay injury free. Many clinicians and speciality retailers for the management & prevention of lower limb injury consistently advise footwear. The commercially popular system often seen in running speciality stores with 2D gait analysis – filming from behind and advising motion control…

flexibility in Chippenham

Everyday Yoga

Yoga has many health benefits. It can help improve posture as some of the poses help strengthen abdominals and back muscles to fully support body weight and enabling us to sit and stand tall, preventing niggling injuries, aches and pains.

Runners Sports Massage

Marathon Massage Therapy

Since starting marathon packages in 2018, I have helped nearly 30 people reach their marathon goals with Marathon Massage Therapy Packages. These marathon packages have been carefully designed to help get people to the start line injury free. As a marathon runner myself, I have incorporated exactly what I know I would want from a…

Menopause and Soft Tissue Therapy

Menopause and Soft Tissue Therapy

The menopause and its effects seems to be a subject verging on the taboo and yet the majority of women will pass through it, affecting us all in some way – male and female. A lesser-known effect of the reduction of oestrogen during this phase in our lives is the effect of the structure and…

bike fit

Why Have a Bike Fit?

I often hear the words, “ I’m not a proper cyclist so it wouldn’t be worth having a bike fit”, or “I’m worried I’ll come away with things I don’t need’, or even (and this is me); “I know I’ll look ridiculous as I know nothing about bikes, I just want to get on and…

Chi Running

ChiRunning Workshops

I went on a ChiRunning Workshop in Bristol at the weekend. ChiRunning originates from Danny Dreyer, a successful ultra runner and T’ai Chi expert who saw that he could combine good running technique with the principles of T’ai Chi to work with gravity rather than against it.  It uses the power of the core muscles to…

How Does Sports Massage Therapy Help

An Interview with Paul Gardiner

When did you start running? 2012. People at work signed up for Bristol Half Marathon so I thought I would. Plus I had spent years looking for a hobby to take up and had watched Anna train and enjoy races and the social aspect of it, so rather than been left with the kids all…

corsham 10k

Corsham 10k

I had a great time supporting the Corsham 10k by delivering sports massage and cheering on runners at this award winning event on Sunday. I teamed up with Pickwick Physio et al in order to treat as many people as possible and had the London Marathon app on the go bringing updates of many clients…